AxiDraw personal writing and drawing machine writes for you

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If you need to be able to hand write something in fancy form and you lack the penmanship to do so, a group appropriately called Evil Mad Scientist has a new machine called AxiDraw that might be perfect for you. The machine is a pen plotter that can write or draw on most flat surfaces. It is capable of writing or drawing with pens, markers, fountain pens, and other writing utensils. Если вам необходимо написать что-то красивым почерком, а с каллиграфией у вас не всё в порядке, вам поможет новая машина AxiDraw, разработанная группой учёных Evil Mad Scientist. Машина представляет из себя плоттер с авторучкой, который может писать и рисовать ручками, маркерами, перьевыми ручками и многими другими принадлежностями на большинстве поверхностей.

Ball and Plate PID control with 6 DOF Stewart platform

This is a semester project in mechatronic control systems at SJSU.

The 6 DOF platform is a proof-of-concept prototype that we created for our senior project (motion simulator). Here, we are using 2 axes of the platform as the output from a PID controller that uses a resistive touch panel mounted on the platform as input. All processing is being done on an Arduino Uno that is controlling 6 R/C servo motors.

For more information about this project or our senior project, please visit our webpage at

Here’s a video of some testing for the motion simulator:…